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Something about that picture of a dock reaching out to a lake causes me to feel pulled....into something unknown. Something deep. Probably a little freaky. And so here's my first question: What are you walking toward these days? See? We've already begun :) .

I am a professional coach, psychotherapist, instructor, entrepreneur, leader and mentor. I'm also a wife, daughter, momma, sister and friend. And something important that I've learned is this: the people you choose to put into the key roles of your life will have a profound effect on who you become. Who you surround yourself with should have little to do with metrics like titles, status, or accolades (UGH the trouble we get into when we overdo it on these things). Rather, it has everything to do with the mind behind the people you are hitched to, and how they influence you. And so, I'm always working on my mind, learning to use it for your good. Perhaps I'll be the right person for your current chapter.